Automatic Writing (Taking message from the other side of the world from the departed ones for their loved ones)

Maybe you’ve heard of automatic writing and you want to know how to do it. Automatic writing is a great, non-scary way of channeling your Higher Self or Spirit Guides through writing. It allows you to ‘download’ their perspective subconsciously and transcribe it as it comes in.

Automatic writing is a form of channeling... and involves allowing spirit to simply flow through you... and to create or guide the words that you write.

Channeled writing is a very effective way to channel spirit... as it comes directly to your hand from spirit. This will work regardless of whether you hand write or type... although many people prefer to hand write.

It is a psychic gift and one of the easiest types of psychic communication abilities to develop.

In many ways, doing automatic writing is like being ‘in the flow’ while writing. If you’re a writer then you will know what is ‘in the flow’. It’s the state when you have many creative ideas and they all seem to fit together quite nicely, and you can transcribe them coherently and quickly – and often it feels quite exciting. Yet at the same time, your conscious mind is not labouring away – it feels effortless and light. You can also be in that state when you do automatic writing – not so much in a creative writing sense, but in an intuitive sense.